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Hunt Day is upon us once again!

Do I have to explain what Hunt Day is? By this point I should not have too, if you’re an avid fan of the brand, but in the case that you are not I will explain again. Hunt day is our day! The day we most look forward to in the week. Here we create as much as possible! Instead of embracing the oncoming weekend, we embrace our projects to encourage productivity. Nevertheless…

Tonight I’d like to address the importance of creatives and collaborating.

So the goal for this year was to bring more guests to the podcast. We are anxious to hear what they have to contribute to our world of creativity and business. We partnered with The Womb’s founder and CEO Joseph Brown. If you want to listen to the episode - you will be able to soon! What does this have to do with the title? (I’m getting there). As you know creatives thrive on creative energy and inspiration. Collaborations do just that!

Working with other creatives allow an endless stream of ideas to pour out. In my case assistance with the podcast! Working with Joe proved that a certain synergy exists between creatives. He was able to not only enhance our show, but provide ideas that will help provide growth for the podcast. And who doesn’t like growth? That’s the point here - creative collaborations provide growth. Solutions. Answers to questions that you may have difficulty providing on your own.

I believe we can accomplish more if we encourage more partnerships creatively. Brace yourselves for my go to examples. Would we have an amazing series and impact on the movie industry if the Russo Brothers didn’t team up? What about if Jay-Z didn’t work with Kanye West? Would we have Watch the Throne, or Otis? Okay maybe that wasn’t the strongest example but the takeaway here is - creative partnerships have enhanced our lives in more ways than one. In the realm of business, creative team-ups allow for cross-branding. How do businesses succeed outside of genius marketing tactics? Cross promotion, and genius marketing tactics. Either way, as an individual who is an advocate for change in the creative community and the world, I believe this is a “major key” to success.

I hope this provides inspiration enough to form more creative alliances. I hope this inspires you to ask for assistance!

Because at the end of the day, only together can we create.

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