• Mychal Fakir

Desperation and Creation

Hunt Day is upon us once again.

I hope everyone had a creative day. I was curious as to what drives creatives or people to fulfill the need to create. What is the unseen force that pushes us to say “I have to get this out of my head.” As you all should know by now I am a fan of the mysterious force which is labeled creativity. I believe we all have the power to be creative. Not artist creative. Not painter creative, but problem solving creative (along with artist creative). Creativity goes hand and hand with business. It compliments. It is the driving force for which we derive our companies, our ideas, our marketing, our branding. Out of the box tactics designed to set ourselves apart. Let us briefly analyze this like a mathematical formula because there is another unseen and internal mechanism that pushes us as well.

As I was preparing to start my day the week before last. I was going through my usual mental routine. I won’t get to deep into it, but the first couple of hours is dedicated to organizing my schedule and prioritizing clients. The next 45 mins or so are dedicated to self-exploration. What are my goals? What am I trying to create today? What do I want for breakfast? Things like that. I wanted to explore this particular morning my why for everything pertaining to my life as an entrepreneur and creative (thank you Simon Sinek). My why I am doing what I am doing. Why am I creating? Why do I care to create? The answer dawned upon me pretty instantly. Desperation. That word which can be applied too many reasons as to why people do what they do really struck me. I am desperate, but how does desperation connect to creativity?

Humans in general are all desperate in some capacity. Some for love. Some for purpose. Some simply for money. While those things are important to me. I believe for creatives the coal which lights this fire is desperation to SEE our ideas come to fruition. The images burn in our minds eye. We cannot escape it or let it go. It is difficult to sleep. It feels like a chip on ones shoulder. What is the easiest way to get that chip off your shoulder. Simply deal with it. Do what must be done to remove said doritos off of your shoulder. Desperation acts as a vehicle that drives us to execute. See the formula yet? Desperation + Creativity = Execution. Acting on your ideas births a tangible object, idea, or whatever you want to call it. For this we will call it “creation”. Execution and desperation births creation.

I believe if more people tapped into the NEED, that “I have to do this” , we would see epic change in our communities, in our businesses, and in our very own lives. In a way, desperation opens a door for direct purpose. This may seem a little a scattered but in reality it is not. Refer back to previous blogs. I am an advocate for change. Positive change.

Well that is my 6 cents for this hunt day. Desperation is a variable in the formula of creation. Not the lacking desperation, but desperate to see the ideas come to life.

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