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Hunt Day Post: Content Creation

Every Wednesday is HUNT DAY!

Refer to previous posts for a full description as to what “Hunt Day” is. The short version. Wednesday is our creative day. Now we create everyday, but the middle of the week is dedicated to creating as much as possible! This Wednesday is not dedicated to explain what “Hunt Day” is though.

What is content? According to a website that is not considered a credible (wikipedia) source (but I am going to cite them anyway) - content is the contribution of information to any media. The idea of content is multi-purposed. While you create content as a means to express yourself. For a business, content is created to add to your marketing and promotion. It is a mean to engage your audience to further your mission. Your beliefs as a brand. That is the focus for the night - content and the relevance to a brand.

I will keep this brief, because this is a deeper topic, but part of the 6 Wolves services are to create usable content for the visionaries we work with. Why? Simple. To push the agenda of our clients. If our client is utilizing social media as a means to promote, it is important to create multimedia to push that agenda. So let me provide a real example.

You are a hip hop producer. Your whole brand is dedicated to providing quality production to the fans of the genre. Your goal is to work with some of the best artist in the industry. The challenge in this day and age is how do you reach your audience. The answer to that is simple. Craft content to speak to your market. If you are a hip-hop artist, I would recommend using audio based social-media platforms. How? Take your beats cut them into 20-30 second samples. Post them. Give your market a taste of your style. Let those samples draw them in. Hire a photographer who can capture you in the moment producing. Maybe video of you planning what a song should sound like. Your content needs to be well thought out and created with your audience in mind.

One of the challenges for 6 Wolves is communicating what this brand is through content. We at the core of what we are; is a platform for creativity. No project is too big or too small. Our desire is to express ourselves creatively, and allow others to do the same. We create content focused on promoting our services, and showcasing the projects we have had the privilege to be a part of. We use uniquely crafted templates, photos, and videos to either promote or hype the brand. This is just an example on how content should be created.

Let me recap real quick. So far we covered what content is, why it is relevant, and two examples as to why and how content is important. So the point here is to encourage you, the readers, to invest in your content creation. Marketing/promotion will forever be a big deal, but now content creation is the new thing. Companies have been developing content for years unknowingly. It was not until the recent years that brands and companies really started focusing on it.

My 6 cents - find your audience, determine which platforms you want to find them on, plan your content, and invest in creating meaningful content.

Till next Wednesday.

Keep creating! Happy Hunt Day


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