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Product of the 90's "Cuttin Class" - The Fall Line is Here!

-We believe in the promotion of our clients products/services. That being said, we want you to hear it from the voice of the up and coming brand.

We are a group of young entrepreneurs coming together to make a clothing line inspired by the 90s. We pull our inspiration from the color schemes, styling, and all around vibe from that generation. This is not only our muse but the generation in which we were born. Our generation is the foundation for the new world and has the potential for greatness. Our brand is all about showcasing our strengths and passions in a fun and productive way. We are all about making a difference and it starts at home. We want to also keep in mind where we come from. We have participated in different functions to give back to Durham and want to continue to do so and on a larger scale in the future.  Join the Products of the 90s and make your mark wether through the clothing, service, or supporting your local dream.

We gathered the inspiration behind this fall line "Cuttin Class" from the everyday struggles of being over worked.

The term "Cuttin Class" does not mean we are literally skipping out of class (for some it may) but it implies that as young adults we do need down time to break away from what this current society may push upon us. Down time meaning hanging out with friends and family, in our case which is through our clothing art or any other creative avenues we may have.

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