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Rest and Creativity (part 2) "Step Away"

A lot has transpired since we first started this series. Pardon our time off, but we’ve been busy! Nevertheless we’re back to it.

So continuing research on the power of rest and creativity, let’s define what rest is. What does it mean to rest? According to the handy dandy dictionary the official definition of rest is to “cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.” How do you do that? Easy. Step away.

Mychal Fakir is an artist. One of the tips he suggests when he is busy crafting his masterpieces is to “step back”. Literally and figuratively. “Stepping back” allows the brain to refresh (there’s the definition in practice) and give you a fresh perspective. Here is the thing, we are going to give you an analogy and then bring it back for you, creativity is like a muscle. Using the analogy of working out; when you work out you are straining the muscles. It is a violent process. The muscles are busy tearing, that way they can rebuild themselves. The best part is they will rebuild themselves to be bigger and stronger. I am sure there is a life lesson in that somewhere, but we’ll focus on the power of rest.

Creativity is a muscle that can be worked out. Going back to actually working out, you get sore. You have to give your body a chance to recover! SO imagine working your creative muscle over and over and over. Everyday. Pounding and pulling away. It’s exhausting. You will experience fatigue. That is why the suggestion to step back is given. Take a walk (literally stepping back) and allow your muscle (talking about creativity) to recover. You will have a fresh perspective on what ever it is you are working on. The project/idea will thank you in the long run because you have given it some time to recover and grow into what will eventually be the next big thing.

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