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Rest & Creativity (part 1)

The new year is here ladies and gentlemen.


I said that as if it is 11:59 pm 31st of December, nevertheless we're here now. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! So to kick the new year off, I want to talk about rest and creativity. I'll probably make this a series considering it's a big deal and will be talked about till the end of time. 

   As a creative, there are a couple of questions that are posed. At what point do you stop? How do we generate new ideas? If we are in the business to make money (which I hope we are here for) how do we balance our time to rest, form new ideas, and then attack the canvas again...or whatever your canvas of choice is. I want to share my "unwanted 6 cents".

   For me - stopping to rest is very difficult. My brain is going 100 mph every day. I think about everything from designing to trying to solve my life problems. So putting the breaks on is work within itself. Here is the thing though. I need it. I find I come up with a plethora of ideas because I took a chill pill. To keep it brief (because we don't like to read more then three paragraphs) as an artist I find inspiration from a variety of things. Movies, posters, music videos etc. So if I am on a creative hiatus (I am sure there is a science to it) my brain is absorbing everything. Solving my creative problems. Storing visual information in the bank of visuals, waiting for me to make a visual withdrawal. Suffice to say. A day or two off is good. 

Let this serve as an introduction to rest and create!

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