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The First Hunt Day of the New Year

The new year has arrived and I am ecstatic to share how great 2018 has been and how creatively amazing this year will be.

As you know since we started last year, “Hunt Day” is a day dedicated to acting on your creative impulses. Draw something. Start that business plan. Execute that marketing strategy. This is the day to push yourself to do so.

This particular “Hunt Day” we sat with one of our prestigious and esteemed clients, Aeonian Legacy’s very own Joy Saunders, and mapped out a new revenue model for 6 Wolves, as well as , new creative outlets for the brand. I was inspired to revamp the website in honor of the new year. I think it speaks more to who we are as a brand.

So if someone was to ask what our goals are this year I would respond saying this…

  1. Executing our new revenue model

  2. Expanding our following through new and innovative social media content

  3. I personally want to feature my work in Art Basel this year

  4. Gain more subscribers

  5. Start the newsletter

  6. Add guests to the Kreative Control podcast

While that may not seem like a lot of goals. They are definitely relevant to the cause.

To briefly cover how 2018 went - a really good catalyst for this year. We expanded our clientele, had the opportunity to join some out of the box projects, and the podcast was launched plus many more.

I’ll conclude tonight’s “Hunt Day” post.

Remember. Any idea you have. Do it. Create it. Birth it.

Keep hunting wolves!


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