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Welcome Abantu Audio

Another brand we've been excited to create with! We'd like to welcome Abantu Audio to the pack - check them out!  You can find them on Facebook as well as a sample of their project. The URL is posted below. 

About Abantu Audio

The premiere audiobook source of resurging Black thought and cautionary tales which will help build bridges of understanding between the conscious and multicultural communities. Abantu Audio endeavors to bring the talking back to audiences of street and learned scholars who have traditionally been unable to access print media and other visual aids - for those who lack the capacity to read, Abantu Audio speaks; for those who lack the capacity to comprehend, Abantu Audio will teach; for those who lack the wherewithal to build up themselves and their communities, Abantu Audio resonates.

The mission of Abantu Audio is to effect sustainable and empowering change in the urban community through improving adult literacy and education. Abantu Audio’s audiobook platform features local readers, authors and community leaders who volunteer their time and literary expertise as narrators of historical and modern texts both popular and out-of-circulation for the betterment of knowledge seekers both near and far.

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