• Mychal Fakir

Welcoming the Black Panther

From the mind of a fellow creative...

   There is a certain satisfaction to be had when you see the vision you had "come to life." So today's post will be about the release of yours truly new addition to the Tribal Blocked Collection.  Black Panther is here ladies and gents. I am very excited! (Because one exclamation point says it all) 

He will be the first among many of fan art to come. See I am a die hard Marvel fan. (so much I will pay to watch a Marvel movie twice, maybe three times). I feel the best way to show my appreciation for the brand of Marvel is to use my god-given ability to create. There are plenty of fan artist out here. I just want to throw my name in the mix along with others. Hoping. Hoping I will be just as great as the other big names (Boss Logic). With all this said. You can see the prints, and the artwork itself on the brands various social media pages. @6wolves for those are unsure of the handle. 

Keep creating!


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