Since the dawn of time, art has been the cornerstone of human history in some capacity. As a brand we want to help cultivate and foster growth for our artists, as well as, provide them opportunities for their work to be seen and purchased. Each artist has their own story to tell. They each want to impact our society in their own way. Artist are necessary to our way of life. Because of artist we escape into another reality outside of our own. Because of artist we can see what some will not say. Because of artist they give our lives color.  To view more of their work, visit their personal page. 


   An artist hailing from Durham, North Carolina. His goal is to introduce the world to his unique style, in which he refers to as, Tribal Blocking. He was inspired by the forms and shapes from tribal art. A lot of his work subject matter can be anything referencing pop culture to political messages. His main medium preference is digital. His hopes are to create a digital painting that will be well received.


   Mychal believes we were all born to be creative. He believes that we have the capabilities to create anything we can imagine. By acting on that notion, he believes that we all should create something that will stand the test of time. 

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